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Here's what our client's say:
      "There is no one else I would rather take care of our dog and I am so grateful we have found such a wonderful person to stay with our dog while we are away. Not only does she take the best care of our dog, but she takes wonderful care of our home as well. She has gone above and beyond for both us and our dog and we are so pleased with the top-notch quality of her services. I would highly recommend using Tonya for any petsitting or dog walking needs you may have, so that your animal will have a happy experience while you are away."
                                                                              -Sarah & Michael

                Tonya, Wennie & Po
About Tonya:
I am a very friendly, energetic, compassionate, trustworthy and responsible animal lover, pet owner, and mom.
I founded Paws & Claws Pet Sitting in May 2009. My team and I have developed a great client base throughout this time and love the dogs and cats we care for. Our clients would be happy to hear from you for a reference. 
I have been with animals all my life. I grew up on a farm in Indiana where I was responsible for providing daily care and training of both large and small animals.
I believe that our customers' needs and those of their pet(s) are of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs. I appreciate repeat customers and referrals.
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service for your cats and dogs and other animals. All of out pet sitters are bonded and insured through Paws & Claws.
 About Jonathon:
                                                                                                    Jonathon & Luke
Jonathon is an animal lover who loves taking dogs on pack walks and is great at managing several dogs at a time. He is super chill, fun, and will treat your pet as if it's his own. He's a natural with animals and your dog will have a new best friend with Jonathon. He's currently working on his Master's at CU in Civil Engineering.


                          Kim & Digit
About Kim:

Kim has been with Paws & Claws since the summer of 2013, after moving to Boulder from Colorado Springs for graduate school. Kim has loved animals all her life and loves to take care of client's pets like they are her own. She gives them great care! She also stays with my pets and they are always so happy and healthy upon our return, I can tell they have been well-loved, exercised, and cared for.  When not walking dogs or playing with cats, she can be found outside enjoying the Colorado Wilderness and riding her horses. 

                                                                                                         Keith & Mason
About Keith: 

Keith has been with Paws & Claws for 7 years. Keith loves taking dogs on vigorous, long midday walks and hikes. His love and care for dogs is effortless and undoubtedly every dog Keith meets falls in love with him and his easy-going personality and readiness to have fun with them.  Keith is also a baker at Whole Foods and a dad of two beautiful girls. Keith loves rock climbing, hiking, and being with his family and his dog, Mason. He is 100% wonderful and has his client following at Paws & Claws.



                    Brielle, Hero & Chibi
About Brielle:
Brielle has been with Paws & Claws since the summer of 2015 and is a great addition to our team. She absolutely loves the animals she cares for as if they are her own.  She takes time and really connects with your dogs and cats, she's a natural animal lover and loves exploring the Colorado wilderness, especially hiking 14'ers.  She also is bonded and insured through Paws & Claws and has stayed with my crew several times. Hero and Chibi have happily climbed several 14ers with Brielle. Client's are very pleased with the care she gives their pets.

About Penelope:
Penelope is super sweet and mindful.  She loves both dogs and cats. She takes time to interact and connect with every pet she cares for. She's been with Paws & Claws for a year now and has client's that request her for overnights again and again.  She has stayed with my pets and knows them each so well. They love her as we all do.

                                                                                                       Madeline & Sassy
About Madeline:
Madeline is a real cat lover; somewhat of a cat whisperer. She really enjoys dogs too and has been with animals her whole life... from fishes, birds, horses, iguanas, snakes to bunnies. Her gentle, calm, patient manner gets along well with all of her animal friends. Clients request Madeline to care for their fur babies over and over again.

                Sydney & Merlin
About Sydney:

Sydney moved here from Madison, WI to study Environmental Studies at CU and misses her pups; Bella, a Havanese and Ping, a Tibetan Terrier, so much that she joined our team to be with dogs and cats. She's really sweet and playful with the animals in her care and so kind to elderly dogs and cats.                           



"Time spent with cats is never wasted."
- Sigmund Freud

Phone:   303-955-5407

We offer personalized and quality care  for your pet(s) while you are traveling, working, or otherwise engaged.

Located in Boulder CO, also servicing Louisville, Lafayette, and Longmont.

Servicing Boulder Since 2009
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